H.I.S. MENistries​ Community Services, Inc.

"Training our youth in the way they should go..."


We here at H.I.S. MENistries Community Services, Inc., thank you for the opportunity to tell you about what we do here. We are proud of the fact that our Ministry will help those in the communities who need a positive impact especially in the lives of our children.

H.I.S. MENistries Community Services, Inc's first and primary function would be to provide mentoring services to our youth. Group and individual mentoring will be put into place. Our students will benefit greatly from a positive role model. H.I.S. MENistries Community Services, Inc. will provide programs and services to aid in helping those households that are missing that extra positive component by providing a father to the fatherless. Our youth deserve a fighting chance in this world today as studies show that a missing positive role model lowers the percentage of success for our youth and breeds all kind of negative behaviors. We will aid those households who for what ever reason, have no father or positive role models in their lives due to no involvement, abandonment, incarceration, divorce, separation, deceased, or whose whereabouts are unknown.

Tomorrow is here today. Our youth are constantly fighting to find out who they are...and they are fighting each other to do it! We at H.I.S. MENistries Community Services, Inc. are here to help develop who they are so they no longer have to fight to find out. Our mentoring programs focus on the ingredients needed to contribute to a positive change in the lives of our youth, their families, and our communities. Our youth look up to us adults to lead and guide them to the next stages in their lives but what do they see? They see emotional and physical abuse, drug and alcohol abuse and all sorts of negative behaviors. They see their fathers in and out of jails, joining gangs, dropping out of school to sell drugs, etc. Our programs will inject a simple approach of showing our youth a positive side of life and the many advantages to living a life trouble free. We introduce positive roles models into their lives thereby providing the positive experiences that are missing in the lives of many of our youth. Our ultimate mission is to provide such a service.