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Ty S.

  I am a single mother of two and didn't have a lot of time to spend with Ty due to my oldest son having Cerebral Palsy. I knew Ty needed a male figure in his life to teach him how to be a man. Ty was such a shy boy that he had a lot of problems interacting with his peers at home and school. I had to find him someone fast and happen to be talking to a stranger on the phone who mentioned a man who they knew that did mentoring. I got a number from her and called it that night.

Mr. Tracy Lewis arranged a meeting  and came out to meet Ty and myself. After talking with Ty he decided to become his mentor immediately and started coming over to take Ty under his wing. Immediately I noticed a difference in Ty after just one outing with Mr. Lewis. His face would light up every time he talks with and goes out with him. He comes home with such excitement telling me everything that they did on their outing.

Mr. Lewis has caused a major attitude adjustment in Ty and I noticed right away. Mr. Lewis also comes to his school programs, talks with his teachers and principal, checks on his progress and helps Ty with homework. Mr. Lewis also spends time with my oldest son Jamal before he takes Ty on their outings. He plays video and computer games with Jamal and talks with him through the computer device that Jamal has.

Mr. Lewis has also mentored me on several occasions with a few insights and wisdom. He was instrumental in helping  me go back to school and get my degree in Criminal Justice and also kept Ty for me while I went to school. Mr. Lewis was a Godsend to Ty, Jamal, and myself and I am grateful to God for that call I made and the stranger that God used to point me to Mr. Lewis and his mentoring program.

Eleanor Faye S.

Jacob H.

I just want to thank you Mr. Lewis on the significant role you played and the impact you made in my son Jacobs life. Jacob is a typical boy with atypical behavioral challenges. Mr. Lewis has graciously taken on the responsibility of mentoring Jacob even with his challenges.

Due to the absence of Jacobs biological father Mr. Lewis has been a mentor to Jacob and filled a major void in his life. Mr. Lewis's influence has provided Jacob with a consistent positive male presence. Mr. Lewis has demonstrated a strong sense of unconditional acceptance and nurturing support for Jacob.

Jacob occasionally exhibits challenging behaviors that allow Mr. Lewis to demonstrate and reinforce acceptable ways to resolve conflict for Jacob to follow. This noteworthy relationship has provided Jacob with exposure and reinforcement of healthy life skills, educational venues, physical fitness activities and promoting healthy social skills.

This rich and rewarding relationship with Mr. Lewis has had a profound affect on Jacob. I believe their relationship will have a lasting and lifelong affect on my son's life. I am truly grateful for Mr. Lewis and his program.

Theresa H.

Christopher Q.

My son Christopher has been in Mr. Lewis's mentoring program for over five years and has learned a lot on self-control and behavior issues. My son has ADHD and comprehension problems so it's hard for him to understand many tasks that he has to do in life. It was hard being a single mother of three trying to make sure that her only son was able to function as he should be doing like other boys his age. Mr. Lewis took him under his wing and started working with him and he started showing progress.

I remember the time Christopher was failing in school and would not graduate if he didn't raise his  grades. I didn't know what to do because I wasn't that good myself with the math and stuff they were learning these days. I called Mr. Lewis and he came over right away and spoke with Christopher. When they finished talking my son got excited. He told me that Mr. Lewis told him if he made his grade he would take him to Kings Dominion for his graduation.

Little did I know that some of the other kids in his program were facing the same problem my son was facing and that Mr. Lewis had went to the other kids and told them the same thing. This challenge came to him at the second semester and with Mr. Lewis's help my son's grades by the end of the year went from F's and D's to C+'s and B's and Christopher not only graduated he got most improved student award. The other children also made their grades with the same challenge Mr. Lewis gave.

I felt so good about Christopher's attitude that when my girls started having problems I asked Mr. Lewis to help them too. He did so and their behavior has improved dramatically. I thank God for Mr. Lewis's program for without him I don't think I could have made it through.

Marguerite Q.

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