H.I.S. MENistries​ Community Services, Inc.

"Training our youth in the way they should go..."

Our Mission:

 To empower our nation’s youth and young adults to reach their full potential by teaching them skills designed to improve their lives so that they become a positive force in their community.

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

(Proverbs 22:6)

Solving Problem #1

You see them everywhere, young children walking the streets, on playgrounds, going to school, hanging out at the mall, going to the movies, etc. What you don't see is what they face when they come home. Almost half of all households in America are of a single parent component and almost all of them are single women. Within those households there are no fathers or positive male role models who can help with the challenges of a child growing up. Most of these households foster an environment for most of the kids to become a negative influence on society. They wind up selling and using drugs and alcohol, joining gangs, going in and out of prison, running away from home, etc. What are the chances of these kids doing positive if there are no fathers or positive male roles models?

Solving Problem #2

Young children eventually grow up and become adults with the same issues they had when they were children. They seem to still be caught in the revolving cycle of never ending misery. They continue the cycle of drugs and alcohol, gangs, prison and now they are participating in abandoning their own children due to longer jail terms, not getting out of the gangs initiations and even death by overdose or getting shot and killed.  Also, school-aged kids are increasingly having more free time on their hands with all the holidays, teachers meetings, spring / winter breaks, and of course that long summer vacation which invites a variety of negative behaviors in and out the house with too much idle time. What are the chances of making positive and productive choices and what do they do with all of that free time?

The Mentoring Center

The Mentoring Center is an after school program designed as a combination daycare and school. Our students will learn some basic skills that are necessary for them to face the challenges of life and succeed.

Our students will learn our overall core values of Honesty, Integrity, Self-Esteem, Moderation, Encouragement, and Non-Violence.

They will also be taught the value of education with homework studies and tutoring if needed. Other basic skills taught will be life / social and character building as well as basic computer skills. There will also be a few therapeutic recreation activities designed to help them grow.

Our students will also learn a couple of special skills like how to make their beds, tying shoe laces, telling time with a second hand and even riding a bike. A few sports activities also will be added.

Our students will also be involved with some outside activities with taking trips to the park and other community settings.

God Father Program

For our students ages 7-13. This is the component that begins the process of teaching and challenging our students with acquiring the basics skills needed to start developing a positive lifestyle. Within The Mentoring Center will be special labs designed to start teaching our students these skills such as:

The Skills Lab: Designed and utilized to teach our students homework studies and tutoring as well as basic life, social, and character building skills. Special skills will also be taught such as tying shoe laces, telling time with a second hand, and even riding a bike.

The Computer Lab: The primary function will be to educate our students on basic computer skills and a variety of other tasks. This lab will also double as part of The Recreation Lab.

The Recreation Lab: Our students will conclude their day enjoying a variety of activities. This lab will be instrumental in teaching our students how to interact and get along with each other while learning how to win and lose with a positive attitude.

In addition we added a component designed to tie their behavior at home and school to The Center. Being good will enable them to participate in a variety of inside and outside activities planned at The Center.

L.E.G.A.C.Y. Builders Program

For our students ages 14-17. This is the continuation component of the God Father Program where our students will be challenged on a higher level with more skills appropriate to their ages. It guides our youth through high school to adulthood giving encouragement toward their aspirations whether they want to go to college, own a business, or enter the working world.

We will direct our youth on how to proceed on all those levels. We plan to focus on the youth's interest and lead them on how to set goals and achieve them. Legacy Builders will develop individual character, integrity, respect, and confidence to increase their abilities. Our students will learn skills specific the their age group such as effective interviewing techniques, dressing and grooming for success, effective communication, etc.

As our youth are given these concepts of handling life better, they get to see their lives change for the better as they eventually will create a loving home environment, healthy relationships, solid marriages, and better parents for future generations.

When our youth eventually leave the program they will still have the opportunity to contact us for guidance or direction for whatever challenge they may be facing through our aftercare initiative.

Our core values of Honesty, Integrity, Self Esteem, Moderation, Encouragement, and Non-Violence along with our mentoring components will give our youth exactly what they need to thrive in today's society.